YumSoft Is Gone…..For Now

underconstructionRecently, Co-Founder and good friend, Jake B. left for the Air Force and while we both thought our Domain Registar had us set for Auto-Renewal, it became evident that YumSoft.org has expired and been taken from us. Can’t exactly run an online business through our website, without a domain for our site. Also since Jake has been busy with his Military Service Training, and I have been busy with College, YumSoft production has taken a break. So for now
YumSoft is no more {Insert Sad Face}

Moving on forward though, as Jake and I get our things together and finish where we left off at before his departure to USAF, I’ve decided to commit to letting UAK’s name die and instead start up with TAGSolutions. The name is simple, T.A.G are my initials, and Solutions are what I provide for your problems. I won’t be creating anything as large as what YumSoft had in mind, but I suppose there are some projects I can take on under my individual name. I’ve been learning a bit more of C# and also moving my coding up with the newer .Net frameworks, so I’ll be tinkering with new ideas and concepts for everyday businesses. Stay tuned.

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