WordPressRPG: Down For The Count

I think it’s been about 2 months since I really even looked at WordPressRPG code, and that was to answer an email I received on the topic. My problem with WordPressRPG stems to probably the reason why an MMORPG wasn’t created before for WordPress, and also why ezRPG and other PHP RPG scripts have a hard time growing support: There’s so few people to help develop, but a large base that wants to use. I constantly was getting complaints of errors, not bug reports, or ideas, but complaints that an Alpha phase program, wasn’t working and missing key elements. A developer would understand and post a report that “hey, this isn’t working, try changing out line 5032, and it seems to work” or atleast “line 5032 is producing an error when I try to do this that and another thing…and here’s my server’s specs”. Instead I was getting “How do I build a game like ….”, “Y U NO WORKING?!?!”, “Anything new today?”, etc. Mind you, I work on my free open source projects in my spare time and take in no revenue from ads. Even then, the ad revenue is minuscule.


So until further notice, I’ve ceased working on WPRPG until I can revamp the motivation to get the project into Beta and out into a final working release. 

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