WordPress RPG

Status:Dead Until Further Notice

WordPress-RPG is my brainchild in the PHP RPG realm. My roots in RPG go back to games like Kings of Chaos, or DarkThrone.com, both I’ve had substantial successes and joy while playing during their peaks. Inspired by the RPG Engine that I found in 2010, ezRPG (www.ezrpgproject.net) and todate am the lead developer of the 1.x versions, WordPress-RPG looks to be able to allow others to turn their wordpress blogs into gaming machines.

Inspired by the ezRPG Engine (www.ezrpgproject.net), WordPress RPG (WP-RPG) looks to add RPG game elements to be built off of WordPress as it’s framework.

While this is an early Alpha release, the ultimate goal is to allow developers build plugins that will expand WP-RPG to add more features. Other plugins, using
hooks/actions, can then tap into WP-RPG and add RPG elements to their offerings.

Now WordPress visitors have something to keep themselves occupied, build a game along side a popular blog, add game elements to your Multisite and build an MMORPG structure.
Build your own game, on your very popular and easy to use WordPress Site.

Can I’d like to add, until I’m proven otherwise, this is a first of it’s kind plugin for wordpress. Not just a PHP RPG game built on WordPress, but a modular engine proven to build and run RPGs.




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