WordPress RPG Announcement

As an official announcement of WordPress RPG, I’d like to utilize this post, and this category, to lay out some fundamental ideas for the project from here on. WordPress RPG (dubbed WP-RPG) is my brainchild to combine the efforts of years spent in ezRPG Projects (http://ezrpgproject.net) and WordPress (http://www.wordpress.org) and create a whole new type of Text-Based RPG engine. By creating what we in ezRPG call an “engine”, WP-RPG will lay basic functions, hooks, and filters to add specific meta information that resemble RPG elements. Such elements would include basic HP, XP, and Level information, but these could be used or discarded by various add-on plugins.

There are numerous specific goals for WP-RPG to make it functional and useful for the public. These goals may include, but are not limited to:

  • Create a generic gaming experience for any style blog
  • Allow plugins to extend the WP-RPG to include new features and function
  • Give Blog Owners the choice to either run a full out Game or have the game be a side project embedded within

Benefits of using WP-RPG

  • Visitors will have an expereince that keeps them on site and visiting for longer, more frequent times.
  • Other plugins, such as Ads, Referals, and eCommerce, could be used and extended with the game functionality
  • Following proper plugin selections, only a theme would be needed to make a game experience unique

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