US make’s a shitty move…get ready for Pirate Wars

So I’m not going to write this as an official Security Blog article as this is mostly my opinion and a bit more unprofessional than I’d like the rest of my site to be, but I felt I really needed to talk about this. Most people probably don’t know what a File Sharing site is other than “oOoOo you guys are like P2P, pirating illegal stuff”. Of course there is that bad underground world that exploits the site for that, but a File Sharing site is simply that, a site that allows you to share file. Think of it like Photobucket, just for files instead of just Photos. What 99% of users use it for, file sharing sites allow us to share files we need to with colleagues or store files on a central server point for all of us to use at a later date. Imagine working on a project, and all this data you need for the project is on 1 USB Harddrive. It’s a pain in the ass having to pass that USB Harddrive to everyone, then when your at a different computer you need to find a way to get the files from that harddrive to the new computer. With the help of File Sharing, much like the concept of those “clouds” that all the big-wigs *cough*Apple iCloud*cough* are talking about, instead of needing to lug that harddrive around, you upload the data to a secure remote place where you can access it from anywhere. The benefits of File Sharing, is all you and your colleagues need to know is where to find the information and you’re golden. Everyone can access the data, no issues at all.
Of course there’s the dark underworld of tech, that’s what my Security Blog likes to focus on, so of course ill touch upon it. Pirates would use File Sharing sites to upload their stolen material and share it with anyone who’d like to commit copyright infrigement. Most of the world knows about BitTorrent and LimeWire, less peopl know about using File Sharing sites. It’s very popular, but not so known as the two previously stated so it’s like a golden gem.
So why am I so angry? Well recently the US attacked, a famous File-Sharing site and hit them with a nice seizure notice and arrested its founders. These are the charges “Conspiracy to Commit Racketeering, Conspiracy to Commit Copyright Infringement, Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering, and Criminal Copyright Infringement”. Now two things piss me off,

1: Every file sharing site, or atleast every competatant webmaster knows to put a DCMA notice on their site if they allow external users to post/upload material and this DCMA notice is to inform the public that they are not allow to upload copyright material, and any findings of copyright material will be removed if/when a cease and desist notice is prompted about the upload file. That’s all that’s required by law to protect our asses. By going after the webmasters and arresting them for the actions of their external users is EXACTLY why I and the rest of the world HATES the SOPA and PIPA act. You are attacking the freedom of a webmaster to host a service that abids by your laws, because someone else who uses the service exploits your laws. The US should be attacking the Uploaders and NOT the webmasters.

2: Now you attacked a big dog, every other File Sharing site is running scared, disabling their file-sharing features so that they too don’t get attacked. Basically everyone is running for the hills. The US now figures it has won, kinda like when they attack a head person of a terrorist or drug cartel. They think, cool take off the head, and the body withers. Well just like that not being true in those two scenarios, it’s not true when you’re dealing with the technology world. You attacked a freedom, and now Hackers, Pirates, the good and the bad are going to look for a new way to circumvent what you’ve done. The Technology world was waiting for the US to pass the SOPA bill, if you think we were scared, we weren’t. Things have been in place as backup soon as SOPA was announced. For a long time hackers have been working on a way to circumvent normal DNS operations all together, wanting to create our own undergrown Domain Name ability that isn’t regulated by ICANN but instead regulated by peers.

Now you’ve made a move to stop Piracy without you’re Law being passed and you’ve undoubtedly just said “Try me” to the hacker world. Why? For what? Does the US really want to go up against it’s Hackers? Is it really ready for a war against their so called Pirates, because I know I have a filesharing account and you just took away a legitimate means of collaborating with my colleagues which I must now resort to Torrents and P2P.  You’ve announced war against White Hats like me.

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