unRaid update – so much storage!

So I finally got my 4 drive enclosure that fits into 3 fullsize bays on my case. It’s great having drives that I can hotswap without having to take the case off, though I wish they came with like some sort of labeling system. However, all in all for what it does, it’s pretty great. Now I’ve finally been able to add some more drives, along with adding the additional SATA ports via PCI-E, to increase my storage for my needs. After hours of copying files back over from my PC and old unreliable drives, I’m sitting pretty with my current setup. Check it out:

With close to 10TB of data, I can finally start letting my  collection of movies and tvshows continue to grow, maybe even start replacing old DVD copies with my BluRay collection upstairs. 

There are a few issues though that I’ve ran into:

  • Sometimes sonarr/radarr can’t seem to communicate with nzbget as a container. Not sure if this is nzb’s fault, docker’s, or the sonarr/radarr, but this definitely wasn’t an issue on the Fedora VM.
  • Plex as a docker container seems to love to fail for remote connections. Not sure why, but I constantly have to go into settings and retry remote connections to get them to work. Again not sure if it’s the docker image or docker itself as it was great as a VM.
  • Custom br interfaces don’t seem to always work for some of the docker images. KeeWeb and PiHole have been the only two to always work for me.
  • unRaid doesn’t include a great ldap controller or interface, and running my AD from a VM on unRaid means that it can’t join during startups.
  • You need to stop the array, just to change DNS -_-.

Otherwise, I actually really love unRaid. Sure there’s no real performance gains like Raid, but add in a cache, and the fact that every drive doesn’t always need to spin at the same time, and the lifespan should be greater! Plus I don’t need to invest in the expensive NAS drives.

Next up is to register for my full Plus license and move it over to my main machine. From there I’ll start using the Windows VM as my main user, and have a Linux VM readily availble for when I want to get down and dirty.

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