The Future Is Coming | YumSoft (Pending Registration)

UAKTech is soon going to take another, and hopefully final, overhaul. My good friend J.Booher and I are working to make ourselves an official computer company and want to create a name for ourselves. Booher, whose renown for his abilities in the myBB community and his creation of the old site and Runescape server Techsensation and TechScape, is going to officially join forces with me to take on customers and mutual clients in the web industry and do major programming jobs and consultations. I am looking to finally allow the UAK name to die and move to a new clean slate.

The name we’ve come up with? Well it’ll be YumSoft!

And we’re both working on our own debut projects to launch into the community to showcase our work. While his project is still in the discussion and research phase, and not ready to be announced to keep the market’s need for it to ourselves, mine is an old project getting a new face-lift and better functionality: ArmsRoomDB. More info on this will be released in the next post under this category. All current clients: Fading Point, FawnBerryCandles, KoshBeatz will be moved to YumSoft after our LLC is registered.


Link for the post about ArmsRoomDB:

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