Shoutout to for great service and a look at current setups.

So in 2011, I was back in Germany, and found myself needing a VPN service to be able to access more and more services that I was not able to access in the EU. My current setup at the time was using the parents home computer as my VPN Server, since I built the computer myself and been helping to troubleshoot it even from great distances thanks in large to VNC, I needed something a bit more obscured. I wanted the transparency provided by using a more offsite server, so a premium service was needed. Enter nVPN.Net.

Heres a few review sites I found:


Now my membership states that I became a member Jan 2012, but I’m not sure how accurate that is. I feel like I’ve been a member for YEARS, and with good reason, they’ve been perfect for me. I’ve chosen to use a number of their different server locations for my various needs, spanning from the US, to places like Germany, Russia, Poland, etc. Don’t ask what my needs were, just know that switching was effortless, and due to the limited number of times I’ve switched, each time was free.


Now, as for my current setup, I find myself still using VPN to link up into BitTorrent and couldn’t be happier. nVPN allows you to create an SSL Proxy that I can tunnel my downloads through. Their servers, atleast the ones in the country I use, are top-notched in terms of speed. I feel very little lag and my downloads come through at around 2-3megabytes/s, which yes is slower than my 9megabyte Fios connection capabilities, but lets think about this.

BitTorrent is a Peer connection, so you’re limited to the fastest speed of the peer that’s uploading (seeding).

Then my connection is routed through a separate country somewhere else, limited by the speed of that ISP/Server

Then that connection is brought to me.

So if my connection at home with Fios is 75mb/s, but the peer is only at 25mb/s then even a direct connection with them would be limited to 25mb/s at MOST. Long as the connection with my VPN server is higher than the highest Peer i’m downloading from, then there’s no extra throttle other than latency. And I’m not going into it with latency.


So how do I set this up?

well following their own FAQ:¬†, I use a program called sTunnel. This establishes my Proxy connection with nVPN servers. Then I tell Vuze to connect only through the sTunnel’s proxy.

What if sTunnel isn’t running, aren’t you unsafe?

Yes….which is why Vuze doesn’t connect. By telling Vuze to connect to a proxy instead of using just the current internet access, it’ll attempt to connect via the proxy and fail. by failing, it can’t connect so it wont download.

How much is everything?

nVPN is 6$ a month (discounts for longer terms), sTunnel is free, and Vuze is free… 6$.

What about securing your browsing?

Well you can do a few things.

  • Use OpenVPN to just create a normal VPN connection to nVPN servers, and ALL traffic on the computer is routed.
  • Use sTunnel proxy secure only what you WANT to secure (Only googleChrome, only vuze, etc)


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