Rule #1: Don’t Test Ideas On Production Servers

So I started playing around with getting DHCP servers working and I must be missing something in porting my local virtualbox setups. The moment that I set up my DHCP server, and go to add a client, DHCP works GREAT!!! Regular eth0 network interface….not so much.

From what I can gather, the moment that eth1 (Private Network’s Interface) goes up on a DHCP Client, then eth0 (Public Network) stops receiving traffic. Looking at the IP Route, my guess is it’s because the old default route is replaced with a “default via pri_dhcp_server dev eth1”.

Needless to say, since my current sites are NOT loadbalanced (ah-ha) and since I was playing with the network configuration on this here server, my sites went down.

I’ll chalk this whole thing up to it being 2:45am, my body feels like it’s 3:45, and I spend too much time fighting with the KVM than doing actual research and problem solving.

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