Relaunched ezRPG boards!

Well I recieved a message from an old ezRPG user that was curiously looking for the old forums which were shut down.
{A Brief History Lesson}
=Years Ago a guy going by the Alias “Zeggy” created a Text-Base PHP Game engine called ezRPG ( ) where you could create and run your own Text-Based MMORPG game online.

=2010 I was deployed and set out to learn such wizardy things, after years of playing and as a kid

=At Zeggy’s ezrpg message boards, I met my current computer colleague, Booher.
–Booher and I decided to join forces and do web work together, I ended up buying and for 3 years paid for our servers

=Zeggy ended up ending development of ezRPG and left the boards to Booher, who put the boards on my server.
–Booher and I headed up development for a while

=Booher ended up leaving the RPG scene (just now thinking of returning) and the boards were shut down) about 3week ago.

=Now some random guy messaged me about it and got me thinking (i really miss working on ezRPG)
{End of History Lesson}

So I have the server, I have the backup of the last time the boards were up, and now I have someone interested (including me) wanting development to continue, so today, I’ve spent all day slaving over it and well. It’s back.

There’s a number of new things we’re thinking of bringing back, and soon I’ll be launching a whole new service that I’m pretty excited for. Stay tuned for those announcements soon enough!



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