QueryLoader2 for WP

In learning WordPress Plugins, I decided to take on the task of trying to convert QueryLoader2 into a WordPress Plugin for the ease of just Installing and Go. QueryLoader2 was created to preload images with a nice Loading Bar instead of the overplayed Spinning Image or “Loading” text. Approval has been granted by GayaDesign for the port and now we’re awaiting for WordPress to approve the Plugin.

Current Changelog:
v0.5.5 – 0.5.8
Fixed issues with Session Usage
Attempted to fix issues with loading after other plugins
Script will not make it to V.1.0 until preloader is the first script to run and site doesnt draw ANY elements.
Thanks and shoutout to Bjørn for resurrecting interest.
Further requests can be made to my email at [email protected] – world . info

WordPress Repo Approval: Pending

Past Changelog:
Version 0.5
Removed need for “if(function_exists(‘queryloader_load’))” and “if(function_exists(‘makesession’))” in header
Added Links to original QueryLoader developer and for plugin developer
Fixed issue with session headers being sent
Version 0.4:
Added action to load jquery for collision prevention
Added choice for Sessions to be activated/deactivated
Approved by GayaDesign for use and release of plugin
Minor tweaks
Version 0.3
Cleaned up code for preview
Added sessions ability
Minor tweaks for first preview
Download Link
Support Original Author

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