Setting up the Database Server [Part 4]

Continued from Part 3 of the Lock It Down series By now, we should have both of our servers set up to communicate to each other via the Private Network. Our DBServer is on and the Webservers are on, so now we’re left with installing our Database Server […]

Rule #1: Don’t Test Ideas On Production Servers

So I started playing around with getting DHCP servers working and I must be missing something in porting my local virtualbox setups. The moment that I set up my DHCP server, and go to add a client, DHCP works GREAT!!! Regular eth0 network interface….not so much. From what I can […]

Private Network configuration [Part 3]

Continuation of  the Lock it down series. The network configuration is going to be a tricky thing for someone if they’re not use to setting up network interfaces, but knowing how to is the most important thing you can know when dealing with virtual servers like these when you start looking at Cloning, […]

The extended setup | [Part 2]

Continuation of Part 1 Intro Summary from the Lock it down series So we’ve laid out the basic fundamentals of what we’re trying to achieve: “Create a Webserver that’s separate from it’s Database, gear it to be scalable, and lock it down as much as possible yet fully functioning. Now, this isn’t a webserver setup […]

Modules for the NGCS API

So it’s no secret that I have been infatuated with the API that powers 1and1’s Cloud Servers. If you line the API up next to other services like DigitalOcean, you’ll see the great power that is being offered and the flexibility that comes with it. One of the great things […]

1and1 NGCS | Free VPN | What it is and what it’s not

So mid-Aug, 1&1 released their VPN feature for the “Next Generation of Cloud Servers” (NGCS), and like many things with the new Cloud Servers, it seems like this new feature is relatively unknown. Hopefully I can explain percisely what it is, and also clear up some misrepresentations of what it’s […]

Rocking with an SSL!

Finally got around to securing both and AIOXperts protected by an SSL. Now for when I start working on my projects and client sites, they’ll follow the naming convention as I always used “” or “” and they’ll be locked behind a nice secure SSL.    

WordPress NGCS Integration

So along with my NGCS API Wrapper for PHP, I’ve also started putting the foundation on creating a simple WP Plugin to utilize it. The end goal will be a series of plugins that are built off of it to show membership, hook with various other plugins, and test future […]

PortForwarding with 1&1

Continuing from what we learned with LoadBalancing: Previously, we went over the power of using 1&1’s provided Load Balancer to spread the incoming load among servers. One of the design concepts of the LoadBalancer itself is to take an incoming port and map it to a local port, relative of […]