Purchased ezRPGProject.net…hopefully site and all to come.

I’ve noticed that ezRPGProject.net has expired and went available, and instead of waiting for someone else to steal it and sit on it like they are for ezrpg.com or ezrpgproject.com, I figured I better pick it up and resurrect some formation of getting the development back on track.   Hopefully […]

My PC needs upgrades! Mo’ Upgrades!

So, I’ve always been one who has relied more heavily on a custom build desktop PC rather than getting a preconfigured one or a laptop. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Samsung R580 and both of my Surface Pros are put to good use thanks to “Mouse without Borders”, […]

NGCS WordPress Plugin insight and ideas

So I’ve been working on getting a plugin built for the PHP Wrapper to add 1and1.com’s Cloud Servers to applications like WHMCS, Blesta, and a few others, all starting from the humble beginning and vision of my WordPress Plugin. The further and further I dive into these other programs, the […]

1and1 CloudServer NGCS .Net Wrapper

As previously mentioned in: https://timgarrity.me/1and1-cloud-server-vb-net-api-status-update/ I’ve started to make some headway on developing the NGCS .Net Wrapper created in VB.net. Currently it ships with not just the wrapper but a frontend application that I’m designing to mimic the layout and functionality of the 1and1 CloudPanel. Today I just changed up […]

1and1 Cloud Server VB.Net API [status update]

So it’s been a slow progress as I’ve been managing the creation of my sites, updating the blogs, and trying to acquire the needed resources to code working examples for the Cloud Servers. Recently I’ve pushed a major overhaul for how the NGCS_Wrapper will end up looking, mimicking the style […]

Launching a new Tech Blog: DIYServer.Guide

So I’m starting to build my 1&1 servers up and with it, I’m also taking away from the main focus of my blog….me. Originally, TimGarrity.ME was suppose to be my personal space dedicated away from my AIOeXperts site to give me free reign to work on projects, ideas, thoughts, etc. When […]

[Unofficial] Arch Linux running on 1and1.com Cloud Servers

With the inclusion of 1&1’s VMWare-based cloud servers, comes the ability to finally be able to install our OSes directly using the OS ISO rather than 1and1.com’s pre-created image. The goal of this article is that when we’re finished, we’ve figured out a way to install unsupported operating systems on […]

cPanel releases for 1and1.com’s Cloud Servers

Guess what guys, finally I’m able to let the cat out of the bag and say that 1&1 has released support for cPanel licensing with our 1and1 Cloud Servers. The cPanel is currently only available to those that get NGCS contracts, unfortunately not available on Dedicated Servers or VPS. Competitively […]

LoadBalance and Internal Networking with NGCS

While working on the Lock It Down series for 1&1’s New Generation Cloud Servers (NGCS), there were two concepts that appeared: Securing your service-specific servers with Private Networking and total Firewall Lockdown; LoadBalance your webservers with replication. These two things had what appeared to be an apparant flaw in design […]

1and1’s Cloud Servers now have User ACL “Roles”

Looks like my US Customer Cloud Panel at 1&1 has been updated with today’s roll-out granting something I’ve been waiting for, for quite some time: User Roles. During my research and digging of the Cloud Panel technology that 1&1 acquired, I knew that there was suppose to be more to […]