Decipher mining jsons

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One would think that in the world of cryptocurrency mining, by now we’d all be living in a time where there’s some sort of standardized thinking in terms of our miners. One would be wrong. Figure that there’s alot of opensource projects out there like XMR-Stak and XMRig for CryptoNight-variant […]

Xojo Development – Crypto Currency Monitor – Update 8/10/2018

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Xojo Threading So I’ve spent the past few days going over how Xojo handles threading so that to improve the update mechanism. Previously, for the proof-of-concept, we were updating the UI via a simple timer. It wasn’t horrible, but it definitely showed its weakness when you started calling a number […]

Xojo Development – Centralized Crypto Monitoring

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Ah the joys of mining for your favorite cryptocurrencies, paying top dollar for over-priced GPUs, try for months to develop some crypto monitoring solution, and then come to find that the difficulties have risen absurdly to squash all hopes of profits, while also finding your GPUs lowering back down to […]

Xojo Development – Plesk – update 6/25

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So I’ve taken a few days off, and then tonight put in about 30minutes to clean up some code and start handling the layout. Right now all I’m using is the Page Panels but I’ll probably swap that out later for a cleaner design. From the photos, you’ll see the […]

Xojo Development – Plesk

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So for the past few years, I’ve worked for an internet company (1&1 Internet), and one of the most used Server Management GUIs that customers used was Plesk (it was free on Dedicated Servers, and cPanel was only offered later to CloudServers). So one could say that I had a […]

The mining saga continues | NiceHash and LunarStaking

So following up on my previous post about my 4month experiment with mining, I’ve switched over from mining for personal coins to mining with NiceHash. I made the decision to switch over after accumulating what I felt was a good enough portfolio. With AltCoins still having a hard time to […]

Mining Log | 4month experiment

Back in June, I decided I wanted to venture into a territory that I’ve never fully known enough about: CryptoMining. A colleague of mine at work is a bit more than an “amateur” miner, having spent well into a few thousands on numerous rigs as well as developing software to communicate […]

1and1 Cloud Wrapper in Xojo is coming along….hackathon approaches

So with my company’s internal hackathon on the horizon in the next few weeks, I really have to start making head way on finishing my Xojo – CloudWrapper for NGCS. 1and1 is soon allowing us employees to take on the network and the API in general to find bugs and […]

1and1’s Cloud Server Wrapper in Xojo

So I’ve started to think about getting back into programming after a long hiatus recently, so I figured I might as well blow off the dust from my Xojo learning and start converting my .Net sdk into Xojo. Right now, I’ve just coded up two simple debugging buttons to test […]

CloudPanel just like 1and1

I’ve been working on and off now on the CloudPanel api for the 1and1 API in order to build up my VB.Net, PHP, and Xojo/Realbasic wrappers. Recently, for I’ve started working on creating a cloudpanel of my own to fully utilize the PHP wrapper. The end goal is to […]