NGCS WordPress Plugin insight and ideas

So I’ve been working on getting a plugin built for the PHP Wrapper to add’s Cloud Servers to applications like WHMCS, Blesta, and a few others, all starting from the humble beginning and vision of my WordPress Plugin. The further and further I dive into these other programs, the more I see how convoluted and messy everything becomes.

Users and API Keys

The simple, main idea before any “reseller” functionality is that every Customer needs an API key, and we need to keep track of their VMs and isolate them from other VMs. Now this can be a community API Key where our system just uses an API token assigned to a CloudPanel user called “Customer”. Alternatively, we could a “BackEnd” API Token/CloudPanel User and individual customers would have their own CloudPanel Users and API Tokens. Obviously with the current limitations at 1and1 where Servers aren’t assigned to individuals but instead assigned to specific CloudPanels, so we could never give them their own API Tokens to work with and everything must be done via our scripts.

Basic Execution path:

  1. User signs up on our websites, no service yet purchased
    1. Either a CloudPanel User is generated with API Token and stored, or the Community APIToken is stored on standby for a purchase.
  2. User at some points decides they want to purchase a server.
    1. Decision must be made on pre-pay or post-pay
  3. When Payment decision is made and order is being processed
    1. API Script uses stored Token to create new VM.
    2. VM ID needs to be saved somewhere in the database and associated with User ID
  4. User is presented with an output of their servers
    1. NGCS API is used to grab information on servers by VMID
      1. Information grabbed could/should be stored for Cache reasons
      2. Only way customer is modifying these servers is through our site in which we’ll update the cache

Where’s WP-NGCS Now?

I still have the WordPress Plugin under development and used on only my servers. As of yet, I don’t even think I have a git to show the progress. Thus far it only shows data, either via a shortcode or via the Admin panel. I also have the ability to create a server, but it’s only purpose right now is for development and testing purposes rather than actual usage.

Future of WP-NGCS

The end goal is to integrate it with a WordPress Shop program like WPeCommerce, Jigoshop, or something similar. At the very least, build it as an extension of a Paid Membership plugin, but where Membership is free, the CloudServer functions are the premiums that are paid for. With that ability, WP-NGCS can become two things, an Admin Panel that a System Admin can use to keep an eye on their server, while they’re already on their server. This benefits those that use small servers like the S/M, spend most of their days on WordPress as part of their business, and want to keep an eye on their servers too. Secondly, it becomes a reseller program, allowing people to start selling 1&1 Servers at a write up. This would be great for Web Developers who also have to manage their client’s sites and would prefer their clients to be on servers in their control.

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