New Version of Arms Room DB and Update to UAKTech Site | March 30 2012

Today another series of updates have been made to my BETA software called the ArmsRoom DB and even a bug fix for the site. It turns out that there were many instances where the site wasn’t allowing people coming from Facebook to view content due to a spam attack that was blocked earlier. The security implemented a block on all referrals from Facebook, which was most of my visitors. After hours of staring at the security measures, I’ve found a way to stop the attacks and allow for Facebook visitors. YAY. *Happy*. As for the Arms Room DB, I’ve started working on making the Assigning SI to personnel features happen. After lines of SELECTS, JOINS, and UPDATES, i’ve finally got a working example of creating a weapon and record of a person, assigning that weapon to that person, then seeing all weapons assigned to that person. It’s by no means pretty, but now I can start focusing on cleaning it up and making reports like my Excel Spreadsheets that’s been built into the system this whole time, just not active. So that’s some great stuff happening, be sure to check out this page for all updates and where to download from.

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