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I’ll just say it first, before you get on reading anything else I say on the matter, but I’m for stopping online piracy but highly against the way SOPA wishes to go about the execution of stopping such a matter. I say this point blank that I’m against SOPA upfront so that you know everything I write from this point forward is biased due to my hatred to it, so I urge you to please look into the matter, please read about it, and come up with your own idea and opinion on it.

Stop Online Piracy Act, in my own words is a great idea, designed poorly by the 1% that we hear so much about. Big Corperations, Big Money Businessmen, and Big Ol’ Uncle Sam all want control, control your every thought and if they can get away with it, tax your every move. Presented as an answer to curb crime, stop illegal sale and trafficking of illegal goods to include Music not-purchased, Intellectual Property with it’s security measures cracked, to even counterfeit drugs that may be part of a legal loophole but are a danger for how they are advertised to be used. By just saying that, and going no further, it would seem that the Politicians are in a way cleaning up the streets on the Information Super-Highway and should be commended for their job. As with any method that consists of cleaning streets: somehow you have to regulate, some how you have to police, and some how you have to enforce such methods. This is where SOPA begins to become a scary and dangerous idea.
How do you tell a website, person, or business that’s in a different country that they can not say what they’re saying, that they cannot sell what they’re selling, that their business is illegal? Legality has borders, and in other countries, our laws may not and in a lot of cases are not the same. How can the US Government stop these businesses? The usual method: Speak with that countries authorities, find a way to translate the law they’re breaking in the US to a law they are maybe breaking in their country, and let justice be served. Another way would be to find the host of the website’s domain name, such as You send a few messages to GoDaddy pressuring them that they’re allowing illegal traffic and let them shut it down. “Scare tactics…don’t leave home without them.” There’s many, many more ways the US and others go about trying to shut down such methods, but unfortunately it’s a great big world out there. Shut down one, another appears. The internet is just an open galaxy with a vast amount of information, connections, and people, and with no way of governing the whole internet, there’s no way to stop everything outside of your borders. You can how-ever, do whatever you want inside your borders, if you hold the key to the gates allowing access in and out.
Welcome SOPA

SOPA with the way it’s designed is to give authorities and big businesses the legal ability to shut down websites and monitor information that appears illegal. Again, this in idea without any question of HOW, seems like a great step in justice by stopping crime and helping people protect what’s theirs. Unfortunately, one must always ask, how. How? Well, when you use the internet, everything you do is sent in packets of information. There’s a packet with bits of information, your computer’s IP address, and the IP address of where that information is going. This little packet with billions of other packets just for a simple visit, is sent from your computer, to your router, through your internet connection to your Internet Provider (Verizon, Comcast, etc), to the internet provider of the site you’re accessing, and finally down to the site you’re talking to. SOPA gives businesses the right to peek at those packets, see what you’re doing, and make sure you’re not breaking the law. SOPA gives businesses the right to say “Whoa, that website is doing something illegal, you can’t go there” and block you from visiting. And this information doesn’t just go with websites, it goes with what you’re downloading, emails you’re receiving, everything that siffs through the internet line, they want to monitor because why? There’s crimes being committed on the internet and they much Stop Online Piracy.

What, you supported the idea? I know, so do I, I support the idea to STOP ONLINE PIRACY too! What you’re not an online pirate so you have nothing to worry about? Well that’s very commendable, you’re a good person. Too bad they’ll still spy on you! On me? Yes on you, they must make sure that what you’re doing, those photos you took of the family or for your lover, that music beat you recorded and sent to a friend, or that video you’re watching on youtube isn’t some copyrighted work that you have illegally. You want them to have that, then sure support the bill, but I love my privacy.


Now that’s my interpretation of the bill, that’s my opinion on the matter and it seems to be shared with others. Search the internet freely now, while you can, and read up on it. Decide for yourself.

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