My PC needs upgrades! Mo’ Upgrades!

So, I’ve always been one who has relied more heavily on a custom build desktop PC rather than getting a preconfigured one or a laptop. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Samsung R580 and both of my Surface Pros are put to good use thanks to “Mouse without Borders”, but nothing ever holds my heart like my desktops. Every few years I’ll scrap the current build I have, turn it into a hand-me-down for my parents, and build an entire new one. My last build was a nice Intel Core i5, 8GB of Ram, and about 1.5TB of HDD with dual DVD-RW drives. The case was a behemoth that felt like it weigh about 30lbs, and was way too large for what would become my parent’s Bubble-Pop gaming system. I eventually tore it out of that case, changed it to a MiniATX Build and swapped their primary for SSDs for more reliability.

Since they ended up getting my last build, my current build has been long overdue for an upgrade. It started as 120GB SSD with 2x 1.5TB HDDs, 8GB Ram, Intel i7, and my GTX550ti which I didn’t lay to rest until this past year. This build was built probably back in 2012/2013 so it needed some upgrades. Over time, I’ve removed most HDDs from the build, and currently I sit with a modest 6x SSD drives for a total of 2.7TB plus that 1.8TB HDD. What do I need all that space for? Well that’s not really important in my opinion, I just like it. As the price per GB for SSDs drops, I look to start decommissioning some of the drives and give them to my parent’s build/friends, and will look at RAID configurations.

2016-01-13 14_42_58-Piriform Speccy

As I run alot of VMs at home, with my Hackintosh, CentOS, Debian, and Windows Server, my Ram capacity was definitely a hinderance. Only the Hackintosh runs full time for my Obj-C study, but if I need the others running, I can definitely feel the pain. 2014, I added an additional 4GB of Ram to boost me to 12GB and have been quite happy with it, but as of recently, the “Mo’ Upgrades” starting kicking in. I’ve decided to completely double my efforts and jumped on 16GB kit for about $70. I now run smoothly with 24GB to use as needed. 🙂

2016-01-13 14_52_28-Piriform Speccy

Lastly, you can’t continue with the 550ti, no matter how much that little baby held on to my heart. 2015, I decided to upgrade and landed myself a 2 for 1 deal on GTX 970’s with 1 still in it’s packaging and the other giving me a boost I haven’t felt in a long time. I’ve thought about connecting the 2nd one, but I honestly don’t do enough to warrant the need. This is only a 30inch screen also, so no need for all that raw power.

2016-01-13 14_52_50-Piriform Speccy

So that’s my build:

2016-01-13 14_55_17-Piriform Speccy


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