My “New Me” Initiative | Personal Blog Entry 3/27/2012

It’s always been said that “you are whom you choose to be in life” and “just be yourself, you’re perfect whom you are”. While I agree and stand beside those statements fully, I also know that we wish to always expand on the “who” when we think about ourselves. Personallity-wise, we’re pretty much already set for life. Unless you’re a sociopath whom has no true self-identity, you should have developed your own persona from your years of childhood, growing through your teens, and experiences becoming the adult you are now. So since I know my personality is pretty set in stone, there’s nothing really about it that I’ve ever focused on trying to change, but that doesn’t mean theres nothing about “Me” that I didn’t feel that couldn’t benefit from a little tweaking. Hence where I developed what I called the “New Me” inititive: A set of ideas and goals that I wish to follow to develop my new image as I surface from my Army and Military persona. Granted I loved alot about me and whom I was in the Army and, before that my, Marine-wannabe teenager self, it’s time for me to start focusing on civilian Tim, the new adult professional coming into the world. And so I set up the following goals for myself of changes I wanted to make, some materialistic that truely don’t matter, others that are just beneficial for anyone’s life, and others that are just goals that I really like to have part of me.

  • Get into college (it’s a no brainer, I need schooling)
  • Get my Bachlors in Computer Security and Business Management (this falls into the next one)
  • Start up a computer business for Web Consulting and also do work in the Cryptography and Web Security fields
  • Quit smoking / dipping tobacco (My last cigarette was Dec 13th 2011. WOOT WOOT)
  • Get an apartment / house (house will obviously have to wait, since the future of where I’ll live is unclear…so apartment it is)
  • Whiten my teeth and get all dental work finally done (Alot of people say they like my smile, but i hate my teeth. I’d like for a good smile that could include my teeth)
  • Workout More and lose weight (while I can’t seem to lose weight, I am trying, but atleast I feel great and look good)
  • Pay off all debts (once car is paid, i’ll be golden)
  • Change my wardrobe (many of my friends have noticed I’ve already started this, a good wardrobe not only compliments your workout results, it also sheds light on the person you are)
  • Drink less soda, beer, sugary drinks and more water (I drink a crap load of water now and almost no sugary drinks anymore. That’s noticeable to ANYONE that knows me in person)
  • get rid of my email in exchange for my timgarrity89 at email (I’m sorry but while I was a teen it was cool to have my own domain name email, not it’s just silly and not serious looking)

That’s pretty much it, as I said, some are materialistic and hold no true greater need then personal wants like the apartment, wardrobe, and whiter teeth, while quitting tobacco and sugary drinks is healthy for anyone. These though are all goals I strive to make part of the “New Me”  “Adult Me” “Me”.

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