MDS is coming along

So its been a quiet…3weeks?… But it’s definitely not been unproductive. Military Data Solutions (MDS) finally has plugin support working almost flawlessly, database code is almost complete with the exception of MSAccess compatibility which I’m having issues with getting to work.

A few lessons learned

So for the plugin support I had to learn “Managed Extension Framework” to move the plugin logic away from the same logic I’ve used in my PHP projects. MEF really simplified the process and made the plugin development to become much more relaxed.

A lot of the learning came from studying the C# code and converting it to VB.Net, which someday soon, I think I’m going to just do away with VB and just do everything in C#. I personally hate C-style syntax (except for you PHP….I love you), but VB is only a personal preference, but the industry is using C#. So when I run into an issue I can creatively figure out and look for inspiration, I end up doing a lot of translation anyway.

Looks more and now like I won’t be completing the final project in Xojo, and that’s good and bad. Due to my plugin requirement, I need to be able to program in a language that provides means to allow class libraries to be made, read, and executed to extend the application. MDS and SDS are merely the plates to hold the dinner, plugins will be the meat and potatoes. Xojo is great due to being part of the VB-like syntax and natively creates cross platform apps. Windows will have a Win32 executable, Mac a DMG, and Linux a java jar. All from a single codebase. But that means nothing if it can’t provide for my plugins. I don’t want my application to need to be updated every time a single extension needs an update. So…yea that sucks.


Shut up, how about a taste?

I’ll be posting a demo soon enough. And by demo, I mean the full alpha version with no guarantees of working and no security really built in. Just enough to give an idea of what it’d look like, feel like, and then if you’re testing it when the full version is released, you can purchase and update. Just not ready yet. Need at least to make sure I have my working “Human Resources” plugin working and the initial install working flawless.

Let me know with a comment or email if you want to me a tester, I’ll send out a link directly when ready.

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