Major Fundamentals Still To Be Done

So I’ve been doing alot of feature building with the wpRPG development. Trying to add in things like Attack, Profiles, Shops, Items, etc. All very game-specific and very time consuming when compared to what needs to be done still for the wpRPG on a fundamental and core level. I figured now would be a good time to discuss some of those needs.

-Module Manager
== Still need to work on the Loading of Modules without having to directly edit the plugin to add them in.
== Still need to work on the Activation/Enabling system so that plugins can be disabled through the wpRPG system.
== I’ve seen integrations of the WordPress Plugin manager with certain plugins to aid in organizing sub-modules much like how I want to work with wpRPG Modules. These systems need to be analyzed so functionality can be added to wpRPG.

-Support for WordPress posttypes
== Currently we do everything customized: Custom Items, custom Shops, etc etc.
== We then lose a lot of support we’d normally have with post-types unless we custom add them. Images, WYSIWYG support in the descriptions, seamless interface, etc.
== Themes then have to be changed to abide by our rules and interfaces rather than already supporting them almost OOTB.

-Better Class development
== I’ll admit my classes are all cookie-cut from the same batch of bad cookies. They’re dependant on values, and don’t integrate things like $class->Create(var1, var2), $class->Remote(var1),etc.
== Infact there’s no support for Add/Remove management in the classes, they just lookup by a specific variable and that’s it.

More to come…

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