Looking to create a name to register as a business

So I’ve been doing some reading on ‘Starting an Online Business’ and ‘Registering your business in Pennsylvania’ as well as how to do business with the US Government since that’s a market I’d really like to work with. Right now I’m stuck between a name and exactly what products I’d want to get worked on before actually registering. UAK and UAKTechnology has always been with me, unfortunately it’s been there through both the GOODs…and yes the BADs. It’s best to get a fresh start to everything. Talking with my good programming buddy we were talking about using his YumSoft name which isn’t bad, it just doesn’t really sound like me I think. Starting out we’d probably be a ‘General Partnership’ or I may just start as a Sole Proprietor business until we’re ready to move it to a Corporation license or Limited Liability Company to protect our own personal Liability and Assets in the company.  Again I’m stuck on the product and service I wish to offer.

For the US Government I want to move my Database solutions out there. While I failed to finish my Arms Room Database, I’ve atleast dug the source code back up and am now cleaning it to upgrade it to more cleaner coding standards and incorporate a upgradability and expansion through a plugin system and documentation of an SDK.

Services I want to offer would include Web and Computer Consulting, to include but not limited to expansion and implementation of networks, servers, setup custom database solutions, and web solutions.

In the future, I’d like to have a staff for either the US Government contracts or for the normal business services, to provide representatives that are able and willing to travel to the most remote locations to help setup and train individuals and companies how to use our software or consult them on how to incorporate our solutions with existing third-party equipment that they have.

Being a Veteran myself, I’d like to be able to file with the V.A. to have my business also licensed as a Veteran Owned Business to get fully recognized that we are founded by a US Veteran, and also hold company initiatives such as my favorites and currently used ‘Support Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs’ and ‘Hire Americans!’ Other things I’d wish to support would be supplying Active Duty and Veterans Military Discounts as well as Supporting and Discounting Fire, EMT, and Police members.


Current Ideas for Business Names I have are:

  • YumSoft (, LLC)
  • Adv.Comp. Solutions Company (Advanced Computer Solutions Company)
  • ImagSoft (Imaginative Software) or Imaginative Solutions
  • TAGSoftCo. (Tim A Garrity’s Software Company     <=wouldn’t have to register that name, it just becomes my legal company name 😉 )
  • G-Soft Corp. (Garrity Software Corperation)  [You have to think about family business and legacy here. I stand behind my name 100%]

Just a few ideas i’m messing with right now and looking into.

Make sure you comment below and tell me what you think. Make it a bit more relevant than ‘good idea’ or ‘go for it’.

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