Launching a new Tech Blog: DIYServer.Guide

So I’m starting to build my 1&1 servers up and with it, I’m also taking away from the main focus of my blog….me. Originally, TimGarrity.ME was suppose to be my personal space dedicated away from my AIOeXperts site to give me free reign to work on projects, ideas, thoughts, etc. When I started posting about my 1&1 API Wrapper and different ideas of things to do with the new NGCS Cloud Servers, I quickly lost focus on my other projects like lyraEngine, GIGeeks, SecuritySuite, and most importantly AIOeXperts itself.

So, in hopes to be able to continue working on all these projects, and also start tackling more ideas, and remove my personal blog from talking about 1&1 related tasks (since I am an employee), I’ve created a new domain and website: DIYServer.Guide. I really wish they had a .guides, but this will have to do. The idea is to start working on building up more tutorials and guides for the entrepenure who can’t afford an Admin. At first, of course, most of my topics will related to 1&1, OSes they support, Control Panels they provide, etc, but later as I acquire the funding via ads, I’d like to review and modify tutorials for other providers. Things I can do with 1&1’s VMWare based services may be different from another that provides Virtuozzo, Xen, or HyperV.

Currently is still under maintenance, but if you’d like, head over and check it out.

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