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It’s been almost a month since my last post so I figured I should post a nice follow up for the month of March Madness!

Well last I spoke, I was working on ArmsRoom DB’s resurrection. Needless to say, resurrection wasn’t able to happen as plan, and the project’s been put on hold. I’ve literally spent days now reverse engineering my last version of ARDB and finally have an almost identical copy working. Next will be to finish the functions to make it be identical, then upgrade it to the new Development Lifecycle’s Road Map (more will be released later).

As noted before with the server change, we’ve given up on running our own server, though it’s definitely becoming tedious to get everything ready to just walk away from a 5yr old server. Alot of projects, alot of updates, it’s just a bit of time. But soon, we will be on a smaller shared server, and in the future, if the need rises, we’ll expand to a private one once more.

In collaboration between myself (TagSolutions) and our old comrade JBooher (InstantMyBB), I’ve brought back ezRPG and started development on it again. While ezRPG is definitely NOT my creation, but the work of a guy who went by Zeggy ( the project was abadoned and left to JBooher, and inevitably by association myself as well. use to hold the old ezRPG Community forums, so I created a free .tk address at and booher ended up moving hosting from my account to it’s own separate shared server. Development can now be tracked by following and

Tim’s Life
Well a bit has been going on, but yet at the same time, nothing really has changed. I applied for a part time job at Ruby’s Tuesday and after 2 interviews I was sure to have the job. Then, as normal as some people say it is, I feel I’ve been disrespected by not being given the curtesy of being told that I didn’t get the job and they were going with a different employee. It took two weeks, in which I ended up calling them for them to tell me the results, which proved my opinion that by calling an employer to ask for status of a job interview process, you are showing that they have control over your time and in this case here, they’ve wasted mine.

Outside of that, my packet with the Arlington Sheriff’s office seems to be moving through it’s normal channels, and soon I have a polygraph test. Not soon enough though, as in a month and two weeks I’ll be out of school and subsequently out of a paycheck. So, fingers crossed on a speedy result.

Lastly on my life, I want to give a brief comment on the love department. Now I normally don’t post about it anymore, if anyone has ever seen my old myspace, poems, or livejournal, you’d know I use to dwell on the topic a lot, but not anymore. It seems as though I am pretty emotionally numb, and when I’m not, emotions are like roller-coasters. I’ve come to the conclusion that while I may not know whom I would end up with, I know whom I want to. While I may not want a relationship RIGHT NOW, I don’t want to be alone. And while I don’t want to be alone, I also don’t know how to talk to people nor want to go out of my way to talk to even said person about my feelings, emotions, and just plain inner thoughts. So long brief message short: My heart is beating hard, mind is racing fast, and I’m just going along for the ride.

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