Income Calculator Spreadsheet

So as I do my finances alot to help me coupe with anxiety about keeping my head above water as I pay my bills, I decided to make and share one spreadsheet that I find helps me alot. It’s really simple math, but if you use it wisely, you can predict pretty closely your finances, End of Month total, End of Year Income rate, and How much money you’ll have to be able to save after a given time (Jan 2017). It’s by no way shape or form a guarrantee nor does it cover all the possible places where your money goes, but again, it can and is used to help predict how things will shape up. Take a look at it, edit the top 3 fields for your Hourly Rate, Hours per Week, and taxes paid

(MonthlyRateAfterTaxes DIVIDEDBY MonthRateBeforeTaxes  then take that number and go 1 – THAT number. so if you make 400 After taxes and 475 before taxes the equation is 400/475 = .84. Then 1-.84 = .16 or 16%)

Hope you enjoy and tell me what you think

Income Calculator

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