In Pursuit of a hobby

So a few months ago, a doctor basically stated to me in their own professional opinion, that I needed to get a hobby that wasn’t revolving around computers. This left me in a bit of an awkward position: What kind of hobby can I partake in that I would find enjoyable? All I’ve ever known was computers and whatever my friends got me into. Until I either A) find new friends or B) rekindle old friendships to the point of hanging out more often, there’s not alot that came to mind. Days of going out bar hopping are long behind me, and I doubt he wanted me to replace my time with drinking more, especially while I have a fatty-liver already. So I searched the net for an interest.

What I ended up discovering was that I really enjoyed watching a Youtube channel called “The King of Random” and a number of the science experiments that they would do. Now I wasn’t going to start developing a love for science, but one thing that I saw them do that I thought “hey, I could do that” was their metal casting. Basically they built a series of metal foundries and started melting aluminum, brass, and copper and then cast them into different designs.

Turns out its not a hobby many of my friends even thought of before, so it actually became an interest of alot of people to see how it turns out. I’ve yet to cast anything, but getting my first good cooks these past few days, and notating areas of design flaws that I’ve introduced, this actually is turning into alot of fun.

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