How new life was found in a dead passion

It’s no secret I’m a computer guy. I grew up loving computers, use to chase a dream that I’d be the next Bill Gates, leading the computer industry and creating millions of dollars in advancing technologies. Now, years later, you can basically tell that I’m not exactly any closer to that dream. And even more upsetting is what most people don’t know or realize, even though I remained technologically savvy compared to my circle of friends, I lost the passion I had for computers sometime during my recovery with my new beloved mental issues.

I found it hard to take on new projects, even more challenging was trying to complete old ones. I felt that I was behind the times, losing skills and knowledge in fields that I was once striving strongly in. Everything changed though, in no short thanks to a couple of Indian kids from New Delhi that I met on Google+.

About a month or so ago, I deactivated my Facebook account and quit my job to continue my new found career of being a hermit. During one of my sleepless nights, I decided to explore the realms of Google+ and see what communities are out there. I ended up finding and joining a group called “Computer Geeks” which was just a small 4-5 member outfit led by two guys with, very, foreign names. Their posts were on the subjects of computer security and programming, and though I could tell that they were definitely young kids, I was interested in mentoring them in their Programming studies. This ended up leading to the revival of my passion.

Fast forward a few weeks and now I’ve started programming again. I’ve taught myself more C#, VB.Net, and even C++ in the past few weeks then I’ve learned in the years I’ve been studying. I’ve completed 8 different articles both on my site and for a few other communities that I’m now starting to gain traction and able to move forward. Today also marks the revival of traffic to my blog which has deteriorated dramatically over the years. What was once a dead, old forgotten passion, has been given new life. I can only hope that the flame continues to burn for some more time.

Here’s to the rebirth: TagSolutions.TK

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