How I plan to walk and run off my 20lb goal by summer

Now this may be among the GEEK-EST ideas I made but it makes the perfect, logical sense. Let me explain:
I currently weigh 193 pounds and would LOVE to be 170 again or hell even 160, Unfortunately, I’m not the most active type, nor am I the most motivated kind to want to go out of my way to even lose weight and meet my goal. What can I say, I’m a fat American and a computer geek, my life revolves around sitting behind a computer. What’s even worse is when I’m not at work where I do get a nice amount of daily walking, I spend the rest of my day in bed due to back pain and just plain laziness to get out of bed. I’ve officially become the one person I never wanted to become, a fat guy that doesn’t get out of bed without reason.

Now enough beating myself up, besides for a fat guy I’m only a 36inch waist and wear mediums in a lot of clothes, I also happen to be one of the smartest people that I associate with, and this problem is just that, a logical problem with a simple solution: Add more activity, less laying down, and leave my computer research and development as untainted as possible. The solution I came up with started just as anyone else would, diet and join a Gym. Unfortunately I already have been on a limited calorie diet (what can I say…im broke) and the local Planet Fitness is about 30minutes away and the local Y is expensive (again, I’m broke). So when Christmas came, I got an idea, get a treadmill! That answered the calling for adding more activity and removed laying down, but it also meant that time spent on the computer had to wait until after the treadmill session was through. Oh well I guess, hopefully my motivation can keep up.

After setting up the treadmill on New Years, I had a new idea; What if I was able to be on the computer WHILE on a treadmill. Turns out, the idea is an old idea, something called a “TreadDesk”, but I wasn’t about building a desk or buying a feature-filled TreadDesk. Instead, using a Laptop pad and boot-laces, I was able to attach the plastic pad and uphold my laptop onto the Treadmill. The end result, is a mild success, in fact I’ve been walking the past 93minutes now and even walking as I type this and the last article about Ubuntu. I’ve only burned 320calories but my walking session isn’t over yet. Nor is the design of my new workout/office station.

Turns out that deployments end up with you acquiring misc things, like a 20inch lcd tv. Now I own my own 46in and 32in, so this 20inch has just been hanging out unused. My new design, is to put that “hanging” to use. Welcome the inclusion of a wall mount with a swivel arm. I can now have the tv hanging, hooked up to a desktop/laptop on the ground and save up real estate space by getting rid of the laptop in place for a small keyboard and mouse.

So maybe this idea isn’t for everyone. Surely only a computer geek or an office person who really wishes to utilize such an idea would find this even remotely an option to use, but for me. I’ve started with 1 15min running and 1 30min walking session a day to now running for 30mins and walking for 2hours. My goal is within reach as I start adding in workouts on the Total Gym and getting ready for my fitness tests with the Police Forces. One can only hope…..beach body….are you under those layers of fat?

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