It’s been a long time since UAKTechnology has said anything, for some, it could just look like we as an entity has ‘died off’. Fortunately, that is far from the truth. UAKTech has grown in so many ways since it’s first installment. Here’s a short timeline of UAKTech’s evolvement:

  1. ~1998 UAK is founded by a group of kids who wanted to make a group for games they were playing.
  2. ~2003-2004 UAK moved as a group to a MMORPG online game known as Kings Of Chaos (KoC)
  3. ~2004-2005 UAK moved from KoC to another MMORPG (Darkthrone Alpha) and to a video game name MechWarriors 4.
  4. ~2003-2007 UAK was also developing a coding talent. This ‘department’, if you will, was known as “UAK: Technology”. During this time UAK: Technology partners up with SSOPE Productions on a collaborating level to discuss and test projects.
  5. ~2006 UAK stopped playing video games as most members focused on real world challenges like jobs and education.
  6. ~2007 UAK would be renamed to UAKTechnology (UAKTech for short) and lead by co-founder UAKTags
  7. 2007-2009 UAKTech would take on Contract Programming Jobs to pay for bills and new toys.
  8. 2010 UAKTech dabbles further into web programming and starts leaving the desktop programming business
  9. 2010-2011 UAKTech creates the projects: UnderGroundArtists, G.I.Geeks, and partners up for a short time with TechSensation.
  10. 2011 UAKTech creates UAKMusic and absorbs UnderGroundArtists, G.I.Geeks breaks away as a separate and independent entity to create Military related Applications and Web Projects.
  11. 2012 and Future: UAKTech wishes to take its project to a higher level, generate start up capital and find a place in the Market for Programmers.