Haven’t traded Options lately….

So I haven’t really traded Binary Options since about November. Also haven’t updated my Trading diary since then either. But I do have a few prospective things that I’ve been keeping my eye on.


I’ve completely gotten out of AMD. AMD was the sad hurtful story of my first stocks that I purchased into, landed in at about 8-10$ and watched how within a few months, AMD devalued itself to sub-2$ marks. I’ve sat by long enough, hoping for great things to come, but really, I was at the company’s high and if I had known then what I know now, I would have seen that it was too late long ago. On the flip side, I also at the time bought Apple stocks, and that’s actually the happier side of my first trades, and continues on through today.

AAPL | Keep em comin’

So at the same time of my AMD entry, I made an Entry into Apple. I can’t remember for sure, and I’m sure if I look it up i’d know, but I think I bought in at about 200-300$ but being young and afraid (plus broke as my partying days cost more money), I only had purchased 3 shares. I cashed out 1 share around the time it went over 600$ as I was getting in a tight spot (again, beautiful Germany memories), but held on to the others with a tight grip. In hindsight, I wish I bought more when things ease out, even with the price moving towards 700-800$. But luckily the stock split, and when it did, my 2 shares became 14shares, but each share now cost me 70+$. ┬áSo why didn’t I jump in? Fucking stupidity right? Well, last week I finally wised up, a bit late mind you, and bought 8 more shares at 122$. Today we currently see AAPL at treading 127$. I can only hope for more good things, but as I expect it to some day reach 200, I’m probably going to buy in again in about 2-3months if we’re still around the 130 range. It’s a definite buy for me if we fall to around 115-120 again.

Micron MU | I’ll try it…

So I also went ahead and purchased about 15shares of Micron Technology at about 28$, which it’s still ranging right now at. I don’t expect HUGE things, more just hopefully short term gains. Figure if it drops to it’s low of 21 (7loss*15=105$) then I’ll walk away, but if it reaches around to its high of 37$ then I’ll think about what’s going on, re-evaluate if it’s sticking and go from there. If it stays in line with the 28 being a solid base, I may just add a few more shares and start making some covered calls and take on these short term highs and lows. We’ll see what happens.



Final note:

Don’t follow my lead blindly, what I do with my money is my business. I am not making any recommendations for or against any idea, but instead think you should really consult someone licensed to make such financial judgments and guidance. These are just ideas and recorded thoughts of the risks I’m taking with my own personal finances.

Don’t be stupid and have fun.

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