GIGeeks Military Suite

GIGeeks Military Suite, the successor to the original ArmsRoom Database concept, is an ongoing project that is destined to revamp the organization and systematic tracking of a Military Unit’s Supply and Personnel sections. The basic idea is to have a way to track each piece of equipment and each individual from the smallest platoon to the largest brigade, keeping a digital record of them that can be accessed and stored in a consistent manner.


Current Design Goals and Achievements:

  • Cross-Platform: Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.
  • Online Version: A Web based version that will allow remote adminitration to assist with deployed units whether in far-away countries or in training.
  • Multi-User support or Single-User install: Some end-users may only want a license for their individual company or section. Larger units may not allow our software for various policies in place. We’re designed so you can start small, and expand later.
  • Report Branding- Customize your reports to follow suite with your unit’s headings. Logos, Custom Titles, etc.



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