Fitbit has been a psychological win…health benefits are still to be seen

Back Story

So it’s no secret that since I’ve left the Military, well let’s include the end parts of the Military, my health has plummeted to almost pre-JROTC years. I’m 25, overweight, out of shape, and a sad excuse for a person who once was known to have lost 50lbs in 3months and became known for “The Pushup!” (or “Garrity, beat yo face”…damn SSG). I’m by no way, shape, or form naive to think that I can instantly get back to the health I was at previously, heck it took me 3-4years of drinking, smoking, eating crap, and sitting on my happy 4th point of contact to get this way and I already know the problem. Let me put it in bigger font:


Yep. That’s really all it comes down to. I could go for a run, I could keep up with going to cycling class, or throw back in the earbuds and drift to my Running Meditation playlist, but I really don’t feel like it.

I’m too busy. I go so much other things to do. You know….Like school, work, studying, building things, coding things, this thing, that thing, something. Whose got time to run? To Lift weights? I’m a coder, not a body builder. What do I need big arms for?

You see? I’m lazy. So really, all the fad diets, all the crap I’ve read, all the gym memeberships (LA FITNESS!….PLANET FITNESS!!!!….YYYYYMMMCAAAA!), it all does jack S#IT for me when I just don’t feel like getting out of the house. Hell I have a hard enough time just updating my MyFitnessPal app with the food I ate. And the sad part is, I don’t cheat as badly as I once thought. Turns out, I’m actually really good at keeping down the calories and the fat content….i just suck at burning the calories.


In comes my FITBIT

So, Megan actually got the Fitbit first. She wanted the Fitbit Charge HR so that she can track her calories and whatnot as well as her HeartRate. Well I really thought the idea is interesting, and I blow enough money on other crap that I thought why not? But, I have a Galaxy S5, so lets save 20$ and be a Jew and get the Fitbit Charge instead. Now I really really really really really really really really hoped that by strapping on a 125$ to my wrist would instantly tip the scales in my favor, or at least pump me with some extra testosterone so I could go hit the gym like a Hulk, but unfortunately…it’s just a watch, with some cool gizmos. The other unfortunate thing…it told me exactly how lazy I was. Infact, I don’t think I surpassed 4000steps in my first 4 days of owning it. Think about that, 4000steps…and I work security for a living. I work security, go to school fulltime, climb up and down stairs to enter/exit my apartment, and I can’t even break 4000steps. I’m pretty pathetic.

 So…whatcha gonna do?

Well, it turns out that while you could sit there, hold the jello rolls of your stomach and call yourself fat everyday and not care, but when you have such a pathetic counter strapped to your wrist, it turns out that I got a boost of motivation to do that. Like come on….just beat 4000 and hit the 5000 mark. Really 5000…well damn, good job, but lets make it interesting and go for 7500. So on so forth, and here I am, hitting 10,000 every day that I work. And it’s not hard to mistake which days I work and which I don’t. Monday I somehow walked ONLY 2174 steps…slept for 12.4 hours….and ate 1400calories. The calories ended being above budget because I only burned like 1200 calories that day from sleeping. So I know, when I’m active, I get really active and now I just need to sustain it on my off days as well. But I have to say, to go from a sub4000step, barely burning 1500calories a day, to burning 3-3500 calories a day is hell of an adjustment. It’s not to say that the Fitbit is physically doing anything for me, it’s all a psychological game. It’s giving me a motivation to take the stairs when traveling up a floor, or as of the past 3 days, to only travel by stairs and stopped using the elevator. It’s motivating to see that you climbed 35floors, had 40 “Active” minutes where you were using the 20, 30, and now combination to make 60lb resistance tubes.


What’s not being seen though, I still haven’t seen the health benefits. This is only week 2 of course, and by calculation by tracking, I should have lost about 1-2lbs, but the problem is always going to be that water weight giving you quick highs gains and losses in short periods.  We shall see.

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