Fading Point’s New Look

I originally got the idea for UAKMusic back when I was in highschool, I was playing around with the idea of what I called “BandConnections” and even “BandSpace” deriving it’s name off the success of Myspace at the time, but never have I really had much energy until last year when I jumped online with helping the band, then called ‘Banus’, ‘Fading Point‘ with creating a website. Fading Point in essence consumed alot of my programming time, as I tried building a flash site, then re-invent the wheel with my own CMS, before moving to WordPress recently and really watching the site take great form. I wanted to start off 2012 strong, started polishing up UAKTech.net, cleaning up my code on GIGeeks offline and ready to update that, and tinkering with FadingPoint. FadingPoint, I think though is my strongest tweak of this new year, it’s elegant clean look is really appealing to the eyes, and the custom tweaks I’m doing on the plugins is really helping my programming skills excel. So without further adue, here’s some Fading Point, happily hosted and created by UAKTechnology!

Site Preview

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