ezRPG Project

ezRPG Project is an online PHP Text-based RPG engine built by a man name Zeggy around 2007-2010. The project served as a means for developers to build modules (plugins) which expand the simplistic CMS framework with RPG Elements such as Gold, HP, Attacking, etc. After Zeggy left the project to my colleague JBooher, him and I have served to bring life back into ezRPG Project by funding the server, managing the site, and continuing with new developments and versions. Personally I take lead on all ezRPG 1.x series development, starting from where Zeggy left off with 1.0.1 and continuing with versions that I myself led such as 1.2.x series. JBooher on the other hand leads development in our remake and released variant of ezRPG, dubbed ezRPG 2.x series.

This page will serve as a means of connecting you to various topics and articles about ezRPG development, including not just what is found at ezRPGProject.net, but also my own personal ventures with the development, such as nuRPG.

https://github.com/ezrpg <= For the old repo. ezRPG is currently ended production, and we’ve moved on to a new direction with the idea called “lyraEngine” www.lyraengine.com

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