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I know I really hate it when people do the whole “I told you so”, but even I had to kick myself for not listening. Many moons ago I registered and with Dot.TK’s free service. It was a quick and easy way to get the ezRPG Project back online as well as relaunching this website under the previous TAGSolutions’ name. At the time though, my buddy Booher told me to be careful of Dot.TK, there’s been wide reports that they’ll jack your domain from you if you get too popular, and do it under the disguise of “FRAUD”. Well sure enough, ezRPG was generating money from ads as we were ramping up code production, and we lost the domain. Luckily we had a second one we purchased with the funds “” which is the current location. I did get the domain back, but had to “Reregister for it, as it was open to the public”. The domain was taken for the mentioned “Fraud” clause, with no actual evidence that fraud had been committed by us.

Well fast forward now about two years, and I realize that my site is down. It’s not uncommon to be taken down by DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service), I really don’t have the funds or needs to protect against it anyway, but it was weird though. Only site appeared down, not my other sites. That’s when I checked my status at Dot.TK and discovered yet again, “FRAUD” being labeled on my account. I contacted Freenom, who appear to be the new owners of Dot.TK’s services or atleast their Customer Service department and got this as a reply to my request for information:

Demi Janssen || Staff
Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for contacting Freenom support.

It seems to be that one or more of your domains is set to status ‘Fraud’.

This happens when the domain does not comply with the Free domain content policy, found here:

It usually is one of the following reason:

a) it did not contain any content. In order to prevent domain squatting,
domains without content are removed and set to Fraud.

b) it contained content that was not allowed according to
Freenom’s content policies. Please refer to the Freenom
website for more information.

c) your domain or your account was used in spamming activity.

d) your domain or your account was involved in copyright

e) the account with your domain(s) was matched with other
accounts that contained fraudulent domains, for one of the
reasons below.

We cannot re-instate your domain directly. However we may decide to make the
domain available again for re-registration (including by yourself) if
you send us a detailed explanation of what use you want to make of the domain(s).

Thank you for your understanding.
Kind regards,

Freenom Support

Now, I don’t know about you, but that really doesn’t say much to me. It’s almost like if you get arrested and the cop says “You’re being arrested because you may have: A)Murdered someone, B)Conspired to Murder Someone, C)Tampered With Mail, D)Drove under the influence……we can’t disclose to you why we believe you’ve done such acts, and we really don’t know, but we are definitely sure you did. Thank you for your understanding, Kind regards”

What in the fuck, Over?

So just take this as my warning to you, don’t use Dot.TK unless it’s a throw away site. Unless you’re using it for a quick domain to access a proxy, or something, stay away from it. They’ll steal it for no reason at all.
Kind Regards,

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