Creating a new stream of revenue with Ads

For the longest time, I went without creating an ad campaign for my website. Previously, UAKTech was ran and operated off of personal income streams via my previous job at Pizza Hut and my GI Bill Housing Allowance. You’d think that I would have realized the potential for Ads before, but the sheer fact of the matter was I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of ads as I personally don’t like Ads while browsing the net as is. Well that all changed as I moved away from my personal webserver and moved in with InsantMyBB.

When I decided to switch my site over, I was faced with a new reality: My monthly server bill has been cut DRAMATICALLY. Infact, percentage wise, I pay only 96% of what the old server cost me. With that of course, I lost my webhosting business that paid about a quarter of my costs. So, realistically, 94% change was made in my bill. So what is my goal with using Advertisements?

Advertisements are a funny thing, you get paid mere fractions of pennies per view. There’s really no real gains to be made having just visitors see your site, and the ads, as it pays a fraction of a penny per. The real gold to be made is clicks on said ads. As a site owner, you want relevant ads, ads are geared and designed towards to the interests of your viewers. Since we have no way of knowing the individual user, we want to make sure that the ads are relevant to our site (I’m a tech blogger, so I want tech ads). Since my ads are now geared towards my viewers, they are more likely to click on them, and I’m more likely to get paid my commission for it. That commission still isn’t much, but with the 10-20 clicks I get per Month, it’s enough to pay my server bill.

So what am I here to say/ask? Well if you don’t mind, and you see something thats vaguely of interest appearing in the Ads, Support me and my projects by clicking on the ads and checking out these “sponsers”. Your contribution costs you nothing but mere moments, and helps pay my bills.

Thank you.


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