Wordpress RPG Development

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Why OOP for the Core?

So after really thinking about it, why use OOP for wpRPG Core? There’s ever only going to be 1 Object of wpRPG running, WP itself is procedural, why not keep the engine itself procedural, and use OOP just for the classes that are needed. Hmm…Just thinking, no real updates.

Key Topics Of Concern

For this whole engine to work, it needs to be modular, in that other plugins are built specifically to extend the engine by adding more RPG elements. A text based game is very simple in it’s overall design: Each user is a player Each player has some sort of stata […]

WordPress RPG Announcement

As an official announcement of WordPress RPG, I’d like to utilize this post, and this category, to lay out some fundamental ideas for the project from here on. WordPress RPG (dubbed WP-RPG) is my brainchild to combine the efforts of years spent in ezRPG Projects (http://ezrpgproject.net) and WordPress (http://www.wordpress.org) and […]