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1and1’s Cloud Server Wrapper in Xojo

So I’ve started to think about getting back into programming after a long hiatus recently, so I figured I might as well blow off the dust from my Xojo learning and start converting my .Net sdk into Xojo. Right now, I’ve just coded up two simple debugging buttons to test […]

1and1 CloudServer NGCS .Net Wrapper

As previously mentioned in: I’ve started to make some headway on developing the NGCS .Net Wrapper created in Currently it ships with not just the wrapper but a frontend application that I’m designing to mimic the layout and functionality of the 1and1 CloudPanel. Today I just changed up […]

Modules for the NGCS API

So it’s no secret that I have been infatuated with the API that powers 1and1’s Cloud Servers. If you line the API up next to other services like DigitalOcean, you’ll see the great power that is being offered and the flexibility that comes with it. One of the great things […]