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Modules for the NGCS API

So it’s no secret that I have been infatuated with the API that powers 1and1’s Cloud Servers. If you line the API up next to other services like DigitalOcean, you’ll see the great power that is being offered and the flexibility that comes with it. One of the great things […]

PortForwarding with 1&1

Continuing from what we learned with LoadBalancing: Previously, we went over the power of using 1&1’s provided Load Balancer to spread the incoming load among servers. One of the design concepts of the LoadBalancer itself is to take an incoming port and map it to a local port, relative of […]

Load Balancing with 1&1

If you’ve ever ran into the issue where your server became under load and either didn’t want to, or weren’t able to scale vertically by increasing specs, then the only solution was to scale horizontally with the help of a loadbalancer. Unlike 1&1’s competitors, you use to have to rely […]

Left Crozer for 1&1 Internet

I like to think of myself as a Tech guy who never followed the crowd in terms of how a Tech guy should live. Previously, I worked as a Manager in Restaurant Business, joined the US Army as a Truck Driver, and even became a Security Supervisor. Nothing about my […]