Back from hiding

So after some much needed time away, I’ve begun working again back in desktop programming, taking time away from the RPG sector of Web Programming. It’s not to say that I’ve stopped completely, just taking some time away from WordPress plugins and getting back into the stuff that really brought me to loving programming in the first place: Visual Basic.

Now, I have to admit the truth, I haven’t done too much VB in a long time. While it takes me no time to whip up a quick solution in VB.Net, and VB6 is still my go to for Rapid Development of ideas, I felt like I wanted to learn a new language while still keeping close to the BASIC language that I love.

The idea was to jumpstart back into the GIGeek series that I still have yet to finish. Managing Microsoft Access database programs is fine when it’s just 1 single version to keep track of, but with 2007 still being in use, 2010 gaining traction, and already 2013 is the current on the block, along with x86 and x64 versions of each. I just don’t have the time or ability to manage six different versions of the same database solution when I’m doing it for free and for fun. So I work on it when I can, but it’s tiresome to run a VM for a x86 and x64 version for each, and decided to move back to a Desktop Application.

Previously I attempted to use VB.Net, the code was pretty simple, took me about 2 weeks to have what I needed for a proof of concept, portable database that could run off of either the Access Backend or start fresh with a SQLite version. The only thing that held me up was reporting. I’m so accustomed to Microsoft Access’ Report feature that I haven’t yet find anything as simplistic and powerful for free. Crystal costs too much for my needs, and RDL seems to give me nothing but issues when using a custom data connection. So I started looking around.

What I found was Xojo (Real Basic formerly). Xojo is a BASIC language that is based off of the old Real Basic creations before being rebranded. With VB6 likeness, Xojo creates multi-platform applications that can run on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. Perfect for a military suite application that needs to run on unknown systems that the Military might have in its ranks.

So far, I’ve just been building the UI, albeit only in Mac OSX. The Windows version needs a bit tuning, but to me, everything is looking great. There’s no data being used yet, so it’s just a bunch of controls thrown around to show the design I’m leaning on.

Screenshots will be shown soon.

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