Arms Room DB v0.3.65.330 BETA

Okay so far only a few people I knew in Germany and the Army Community know about my db and for the most part, liked it a lot, until I left the Army and development ceased. Piggy-backing off of Microsoft Office’s Access, development had to face some issues: Custom development computers for x64 builds and x32 builds. Custom development computers for Access 2007 and Access 2010. This lead the need for 4 workstations to test, or 3virtual machines. Coding in VB.Net alleviates this issue as I can code to hand for both processor infrastructures and publish for both.

The current benefits that development will focus on is:

  • Multi-user and permissions system
  • Conversion of Access db to new db
  • Manage Personnell’s identifying information
  • Manage each piece of equipment along with LIN, NSN, and Technical Manual
  • Ability to locate TM (requires online connection and TM publish online)
  • Allow for photos of equipment and personnell
  • Allow for photo scanning of documents
  • Allow for scanning of barcodes
  • Manage inventories and signin/signout logs of equipment
  • More to be thought of!!!!

The current download of the system as I develop is located on .

That page will show you the requirements needed for the program to work.

If you have any suggestions of things to include or want to be part of the project, contact me as soon as possible to sign on.


v BETA: Fixed notification for Adding Serial Numbers, Created the Assign serial to personnel, added property book section to view assigned weapons.

v0.3.44.326 BETA: Updated Version Numbers

PreVersion 0.3 Beta: Created Application, Converted from Flat Text Files to SQLServerCE, Added Users Login


UPDATE Mar25 6:36pm: Updated version numbers for beta stages. Once we hit v1.0 we’ll be ready for launch of official business. For now, try out new features such as New Personnell, Equipment Editor, multiple accounts, etc. Tell us what you think on the updates and progess.

UPDATE Mar26 4:05pm: Added setup stages for creating an “Unassigned” value which will be used to signify what’s not assigned to a Soldier but yet is still owned in the Arms Room. Later I’ll add the ability to assign to a Platoon but still track as “unassigned” personnel-wise. Added ability to track how many serial numbers of each item there is, but understand these features are still in development. One bug that will be fixed tonight is not notifying that a New Serial has been added though it is added to the db and event log.

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