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As I always stated, my goal while I was on my way out of the military, was to revolutionize my unit’s Supply and Armory Sections. I came into the job being a computer guy faced with piles of tedious paperwork, usages of a multitude of complex Excel files, and the redundancy of having to update a record in a wide variety of different places. If I could have quit the job, I would have, just because of the workload that needed to go in to manage it all. My previous counterpart, to her credit, was a lot better at handling paperwork: a testament to the far differences we were brought in, where she was brought in a office world of paper files, and I in a world of computer databases. My goal wasn’t to say one way is better, on the contrary, I wanted to build it as more of a gift to say: “Here you go, I hope this helps to make your job easier!” Unfortunately, that gift still hasn’t been given, and for all I know, my unit has long since scrapped this very version I’m about to release. Never the less, I’m releasing it in hopes to one day release it and make it my pride and joy once again.

Mission Goal:
Computerize a Military’s record keeping and create an Office Suite specifically for them, that can be used by even the newest Enlisted.

Product RoadMap:

Releases will be in order from Alpha => Beta => Gold (Final) => Omega’s (Final’s upcoming releases in testing)


Will be mainly open sourced. Will run majority of the time off of Access in an Open Security setting. Can be viewed and edited by user but changes MAY be lost during upgrades.
Alpha versions are NOT for sale/resale nor can their source codes be used by others outside of this product.


Beta releases will be our move to the permanent solution. The sources will start becoming hidden and protected, and the designs will not be able to be changed by the user. Communication with users will remain open so that community can guide final protect towards it’s production state.
Beta versions are NOT for sale/resale nor can their source, designs, or any other accompanying features be used outside the product.

Gold and Omega

Gold and Omega releases represent our final versions with Omegas just being our Soon-To-Be released products in case people want the latest and greatest to test.
Gold versions will have an Free Limited version and Premium Licensed versions.


More information will be posted at a later date.

To download the current version of ArmsRoom DB:
ArmsRoomDB vA1.0

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