A New Week To Look Back On 2/27/2012

So today is the 27th of Feburary, roughly a week or so since my last posting, so perhaps its time for an update:

  • I’ve met twice with a young entrepreneur like myself who creates and sells Soy Wax candles for her small business: www.fawnberrycandles.com.  It’s pretty nice to see someone else around my age also taking to starting their own thing that they are passionate for rather then just jumping on the same bus and train to work like every other Joe out there. The meet-ups are helping me focus on how to talk to people in a more casual, informal, business sense rather than talking like a Grunt. Plus it aids in my skills to be able to help walk through tasks that some may not know how to do which will come in handy in my future.
  • Last week was also my first professional interview when I went down to Philly. When I say professional, I mean: Suit, Tie, dress shoes, and minimal wage of 25$ an hour. Yes really. Unfortunately I think I screwed up my proficiency tests when they asked me to take 3 tests on just CSS, HTML, and PHP. I got so nervous right on the spot that I made some STUPID errors and of course there’s no back button or ways to change an answer. You have to be right the first time or lose your opportunity. Since I haven’t gotten a call, my file probably isn’t there no more.
  • This brings us to our next thought, going to take W3Schools certificates just to give me a nice refresher in HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery. I’d be looking at a total cost of $475 but I think in the long run that’d be cheaper then just getting a book, finding that that book really didn’t do it for me, and then taking practicing tests and not getting anything to show that ‘hey, i passed’.

So yea, that’s basically all the updates for right now that I’m willing to give. Stay tuned later for me.

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