A democrat who hates democrats!

I have a confession that most of my friends and family wouldn’t believe: I’m a closet democrat…that hates democrats. It’s a strange predictament to be in, but I really do follow many of the same beliefs of the Democrat party in the good ‘ol US of A. I support Gay-Marriages, Pro-Choice, believe in Global Warming and that our Government needs to do more to control it, we need more taxes to pay for the luxuries that we enjoy, etc. If you talk and hang out with me, you probably know I support any one of those, but would you ever call me a Democrat? Well, if I had it my way, I wouldn’t either. I hate Democrats. I’d rather go Independent or, in case of the 2-party system, Republican than go team Blue.

To be clear, I’ve never voted before. The system itself is broken and it’s merely the great US Trading Card game where every character is just more and more corrupt than the last. I think my hatred for the system goes all the way to the pettiness of Highschool: I was most voted for president, only to lose because the other “politicians” saw me as an outsider and found a way to get me disqualified. My senior year would have been my first year in the student body, never had I ever spent a day after school working my way up the ladder. I merely stood on the platform that I hated the clique that represented our class. They were the popular kids, the Honor-Roll/AP students, the pretty ones, molded for the limelight and represented absolutely nothing about our class. So when the votes came back that I was winning, I ended up being pulled into the school’s office to be told that I was disqualified for not being a prior-member of the student council. And that, was that.

And that’s my hatred for politics overall, the best people to lead our country aren’t ever given the opportunity because the people who can turn out a lot of money get the chance first. It’s a competition of wealth and power, not brains and hard work. I clear example that comes to mind for me in recent events was the close run of Bernie Sanders. Here’s a guy that I honestly don’t trust much more than Hillary Clinton, but I would have voted for him. Secretly, while so many of my friends and family were calling out Sanders for vile and paranoia-laid reasons, I personally liked his style and stance…except for one thing. He’s a sell-out.

Sanders stood on a platform that said we needed to light a match to the current political system and let it burn. He was saying all the right things and was grabbing the youth and stepping them forward towards politics. The best part, he’s an independent. At least, he was, until he wanted to win. A man who stood on a platform of saying that Politics shouldn’t be a game and we need to show that the system is only for the rich/wealthy, he decides that he’s going to play the game too and switch to Democrat. He decided that he was going to take the money, switch to their tactics, and basically bring all that support and momentum, and throw it into the Hillary’s corner when he lost. Now all of those reasonable people who wanted the same thing as what Sander’s originally stood for, they’re being grouped up and corrupted by the Democratic party. 

But what’s my problem with Democrats?

I find the Democrat party to be extremely violent and racist. This isn’t a “blaming everyone for the acts of a few” where people like to claim it’s the “extremists” in the “Far-Left” category. No, no…it’s the party. It’s the party as a whole and it’s always been this way. It’s even pretty funny too, Democrats love to claim that the Confederate Democrats on yester-year are today’s Republicans, I actually find that the Democrats never actually changed sides. Race baiting is a great weapon of the Democrat party, they can’t own slaves anymore, but they still like to use African Americans as their own personal tools to win. If they can’t twist race to their benefit, they’ll use women. There’s really no end to their corrupt tactics, it’s all fair-game to them.

Let’s look at some other things, how about the 2nd Amendment? We need stricter regulations, we do, 100% abso-fucking-lutely. It’s far easier for me to walk in and buy a firearm than it is to buy a car or even transfer my title and license to a different state. Moving from Pennsylvania to Delaware, it took me 2 weeks to get everything I needed to get my car registered and get a new license. I needed a piece of mail with my new address, needed my social security card, and birth certificate/passport just to get my license. I needed the license before I can go and get my car inspected, and then find my title to get it registered after paying 300$. If you, like me, lost your social, then that’s 1 week to get a new one for free. If you, like me again, lost your title, then that’s 2 weeks and about 80$ to order a new one.

To purchase a gun, I give them my license and they do a quick background check on me. In….out….with ammo. Sounds like a Democrat-complaint right? Well, I don’t want to take away our fucking guns though. Yes, it’s too easy to purchase a firearm, but no, no non-explosive or non-automatic weapons should be banned. AR-15’s are NOT military-grade weapons nor are they “machine guns” nor are they “Assault Rifles”. They are semi-automatic rifles, that’s it. They shoot as fast as the finger pulls, and the only thing that differs them from any other semi-auto rifle or handgun is the ammo, modular design, or in case of the latter, the fact it’s a rifle. Democrats however won’t settle for making stricter regulations or improving where issues are found, they just want to take them all away.

Voter-ID laws….what a stupid fucking thing to complain about. For a party that is considered “big government”, the fear is that voter-id laws are restricting peoples rights really makes my eyes twitch. This is as bad as the conspiracy theorists who are against getting IDs, Cellphones, or using credit-cards because they don’t want the government to track them. Why on earth would you want any joe to be able to vote multiple times, or vote without being registered to vote, or vote when they aren’t allowed to vote? Fucking retarded man! And again, its spun as a race issue. What? Are non-white races unable to produce an identification card of some sort? Were they not given a social security number at some point in their lives, are they not capable of getting an ID card that’s not a driver’s license? If the answer is no, then they probably aren’t allowed to vote, which is exactly the point -_-.

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