9/11/14 Traded EUR/JPY 138.60-139.60 with a Exp at 1am on 9/12

Picked up my last trade for the evening.
EUR/JPY 138.60-139.60 with a Exp at 1am. I bought in while we were at 138.72 with the expectation that the market will either climb towards (but never hit) the ceiling. And any fears of following towards the floor are kept at bay by previous movements and overall upward trend. I bought in at 15$, so I expect a decent reward for my low risk.

Current tick: 138.67 after just coming down the last hour and showing great strength to hold tight. if not bounce back up….we shall see.

…moved against me. Final transaction came to losing $12.75 due to moving against my trade but staying within the spread.

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