2/19/2012 Another day

Well it’s just another day now, couldn’t really sleep, stayed up working on different design ideas and writing down snippets of code to hopefully use whenever I jump back into the Arms Room DB. It’s a pretty difficult life I’m living right now, thought it was going to be pretty simplistic to come back home after the military. Surely a guy like me would be able to sweep the girl of my dreams back into my arms, land a mid-high paying job, and truck along through life without a care in the world. Now I’m not crying and bitching, but obviously my initial thoughts were ill-conceived and didn’t work out as I had hoped. No worries though, I have always been the person to prove ‘if anyone can do it, he can’ in my life. I’m no ‘Mr. Perfect’ but my passion and determination is a pain in the ass to whomever and whatever stands in my way.

Tomorrow I go to meet up with a lady who owns a Candle online (possibly brick and mortar as well) store to do some web consulting. In approximately 2-3hours at a Starbucks, I’ll go over industry standards of testing and updating a website, theming and debugging WordPress, and possibly marketing ideas to spread her business and earn her a little money. Normally I’d charge an arm and a leg for the service per hour, but due to the fact that I’m strictly in ‘Networking-mode’  and trying to get my name out and about with as many good references as I can find, I’ll work dirt cheap to prove myself. I think it’ll be good to meet up with this lady and talk business, this is like my audition to get a feel for what it’s like to talk to business people, speak clearly and thoroughly, and at the same time teach my favorite hobby: Web-Development. Fingers-crossed, hoping for the best.

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of 90s Alternative Rock and Grunge. Man do I miss that music! Right now I’m listening to “One Headlight” by The Wallflowers, and it’s a great song, sad….but great. If you ever use Pandora, type in 90s Alternative / Grunge Rock and rock out with me. I’m sure there’s plenty of songs that you remember and love.

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