1and1’s Cloud Servers now have User ACL “Roles”

Looks like my US Customer Cloud Panel at 1&1 has been updated with today’s roll-out granting something I’ve been waiting for, for quite some time: User Roles. During my research and digging of the Cloud Panel technology that 1&1 acquired, I knew that there was suppose to be more to the Users. Prior to today, we could create Users, give them API access, but they’d all be Admin level users, so everyone could make account-privileged changes via the API. There was always a section that said “Role:” in the User panel, but it only ever labeled a User as an “Admin”.

Now there are still some missing pieces I’m waiting on, and hoping that get developed along with the slew of Feature Requests and Enhancements that I create on a weekly basis (sorry Admins!):

  • Users are able to be assigned passwords and even given a field for emails. It would go to say that Users are suppose to be able to log into the Cloud Panel at 1and1.com, but currently that’s still tightly connected to the 1&1 Control Panel. Now I like you guys alot, but you’re not getting onto my Control Panel.
  • The ACL lists for permissions allows me to assign great permissions to users such as:
    • Create a Server
    • Delete a Server
    • Assign IP
  • The ACL does not allow me to restrict a user with those permissions to their own assigned Servers:
    • Create a Server, doesn’t assign ownership of that server
    • Delete a Server doesn’t restrict that user to only their created/assigned servers
    • You get the point

Anyways, now I have to start updating my API Wrappers to include the Roles. It doesn’t look like they’ve updated the Documentation for the API yet, so it’s going to take some finessing to get correct. Surely it’s /roles/ or something of the sort. (Another ticket to make for the Admins!)



2015-10-28 18_09_16-1&1 Control Panel

2015-11-04 08_07_22-1&1 Control Panel

2015-11-04 08_09_24-1&1 Control Panel

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