1and1’s Cloud Server Wrapper in Xojo

So I’ve started to think about getting back into programming after a long hiatus recently, so I figured I might as well blow off the dust from my Xojo learning and start converting my .Net sdk into Xojo. Right now, I’ve just coded up two simple debugging buttons to test out the HTTPSecureSockets and tested it out. Unfortunately right now it looks like 1&1 is having some issues with their CloudServer API as it’s taking over 10seconds to respond to every request. I have an active ticket to them now as a customer, so hopefully it gets resolved soon.


What is/Why Xojo?

Xojo is a programming language with a VB-like syntax. It’s goal and nature is centered around being simple-yet-powerful (Visual Basic) while also being able to run on multiple Operating Systems. Fortunately for me, I have three OSes to test with: Windows 10, OSX, and Ubuntu.

Thus far, like I said, it’s just merely starting out with only 4 methods: HTTP GET/POST, and the corresponding “Get all Servers” and “Create a server”. Here’s just a simple snapshot of it successfully creating a server and echoing out the results from the API.

Windows 10



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