1and1 CloudServer NGCS .Net Wrapper

As previously mentioned in: https://timgarrity.me/1and1-cloud-server-vb-net-api-status-update/

I’ve started to make some headway on developing the NGCS .Net Wrapper created in VB.net. Currently it ships with not just the wrapper but a frontend application that I’m designing to mimic the layout and functionality of the 1and1 CloudPanel. Today I just changed up some of the views to have some continuity with the Servers page but there’s still alot to be done. There’s a bug-filled version of the program available here or you can compile everything via sourcecode from the git at https://github.com/uaktags/ngcs-test .

Let me know what you think in the comments, or bring up some discussion on the forum over here https://timgarrity.me/forums/forum/projects/ngcs-projects/ngcs-net-wrapper/

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