1and1 Cloud Wrapper in Xojo is coming along….hackathon approaches

So with my company’s internal hackathon on the horizon in the next few weeks, I really have to start making head way on finishing my Xojo – CloudWrapper for NGCS. 1and1 is soon allowing us employees to take on the network and the API in general to find bugs and build some apps that were not found previously with this past Hackathon, and we’ll compete against all the different 1and1 Employee Locations. While my team and I will be focused mainly on issues within the API, I’m also hoping to launch an Xojo App (Linux, macOS, Windows, iOS) and my DIYServer.Guide Cloud Manager (PHP/JS). Here is a simple crude screenshot of the functioning List Servers and individual server specifications:

Obviously there’s a ways to go with the UI, but I’m not so much worried about the Application itself as long as the underlying API is functional. Fortunately, with my help already in reporting the issue and being a PitA about it, we’ve gotten the API response time down to an acceptable level for now, and the app is moving along just fine. Now to try to squeeze out more hours in my day to finish the wrapper and hopefully buy Xojo soon so I can publish the source code without the binary_project.


If you have any ideas or want to contribute in any way, by all means let me know!

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